Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama dead!

Oh, what an important news! The World is saved from the Terror and now the people are dancing in the Streets.
They celebrate the Killing of a Men. Yes, one men. One may think:

1. "Now the war on Terror is won and will end"

-No, sorry as it was a setup, an Illusion from the Start nothing will end and nothing will change an if you just think or really belive this you will only you allow yourself to be controled and enslaved even more. It will NOT get BETTER but WORSE! What Prove?

Obama: "This will not be the End of the war on Terror"
German Policeunion:"Whe have to keep up hightend vigilance and suggest to prolong the Anti-Terror-Laws"(to have means to control u further :-))

2. "He deserved to die, he is responible for the dead of thousends of people"

- First of all, noone "deserve" to die but everybody will die, so the punishment is in your head.
Tenthousends of people die every day of starvation, lack of water or deseases which all could be prevented.
Who is responsible for their deads? Ah right, yeah, they do not live in your country.

3. Now we got them by the Balls, yeah, we won.

-No, now the system got you by the balls, as you allowed yourself to fear Illusions, instilled and programmed into you through the media by your governmet, an now you relay on them to apperantly free you from the stuff they made you belive and created to enslave you.

I could go on with this shit but its only reflecting me that i still react to this kind of Stupidity! I had a "hard" time to decide if i write about this because i was judgeing these people/myself. Then i saw that is completly irrelevant for most of us why we are screaming, "celebrating", dancing we just want to experiance energie to feel strong, meaningful, alive, victorious etc. to escape and delude ourselfs about our real day-to-day experiances of control, suppression, inferiority, weakness. As some/most are really beliving this fear the media instills them they also belive the victory to be real...
People, look what we are doing, if it really would make us happy that a men was killed we could celebrate the whole day! WAKE UP - This is BULLSHIT

This whole Situation is also stirring up my past, as i have kind of seperated myself from this kind of events with the beginning of the war in Irak, where i decided to not care anymore for politics, government and the Systems as this was a clear lie to me, such impertinence and open deception. I feeled helpless and not able to do anything in the face of the Lies/Deceptions that are presented to us (Again) so i said FUCK YOU, i was really SICK of the SHIT - I would sympatize with the terrorists - I kind of created a terrorist within me

I now see that Terrorists and Governments are "two sides of the same coin" which is our mind. Obviously Seperation was also not useful as nothing has changed

If you really want to end Terrorism
then stopp the real terror in your mind
the Terrorist it has become, terrorising you
with thoughts, feelings and emotions 
Stop the Back-Chat

Or rather the whole government by the mind as
Terror will chease to exist

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