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Today i was looking at the word „speculate“ and found this to be a very interesting word to look at, so much that I dedicate this blog-post to it so I can stop speculating about the word “speculate” and the spectacle of “speculation” within and as my mind.

Spec-u-late – Spectrum you relate – A spectrum/part of another i relate myself to

So in speculation I take a small bandwidth/part of something or someone and relate it to myself in my mind. Relating in the mind is done in comparing and judging the small part of something according to the judgements and believes that I have made myself up as.

I can speculate about something/someone in a “positive” way where I want to make myself “more” through gaining something from/through the being/situation/manifestation when I for example desire a particular relationship/being where I think that the small specific Spectrum/bandwidth that I have seen and defined them/it as would make me more/full if I have it. Thus I speculate about getting/having “that as them” and in this create an emotional experience towards “that”. In and as this internal speculation about a possible reality I create thought-based energy that make up an illusionary mind-reality with in and through which I am apparently more = ego.

In “negative” Speculation I take a spectrum/limited bandwidth/part of something or someone, or more specific of “who I have seen and perceived something or someone” and that I judge it as negative/wrong according to my own set of believes/judgements and relate it within and to myself/my mind in comparison to come to the conclusion that this being/manifestation/point is less than and or would make me less then. Where I am yet again in a thought-based illusionary mind-reality as superior = ego

Speck-u-late shows a more specific how extremely limited the mechanism is. A speck is a very, very small part-i-cul(culate as defined, finite, separte). We will for example take one specific point, a sentence or a memory to create and direct speculation about – to feed the mind and create a completely one-sided, or one-specked lol, blurred picture about something or someone, that only suits the own ego – and in this disregard and not consider the entirety of what the being or manifestation is let alone what the being really is as one as equal as life.

Speck-ul-hate / Speck-ul-love: The speck you love in another is the speck you hate/reject in yourself. What the heck a speck is a speck is only a speck.

Speck is also the term for a piece of meat that is smoked to preserve it:

Speck-ul-ate: I slice a piece of meat from another me to eat. However, it is not really another that I slice in pieces and eat to feed of as consciousness. I have this one piece/part/fragment of something/someone in my mind and use it to generate thoughts, feelings and emotions around it what is all energy-based, energy that is produced and generated in my own physical-body and thus what I use-up and abuse to feed of as consciousness is myself.

I slice a piece of meat from another me to eat – I consume myself within myself as I feed of the substance of the flesh in speculation as consciousness through the participation in thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The whole point is very interesting because speculation always exists in relation(ships) towards something and/or someone and as we basically are never able to “know” everything about something/someone: as soon as we “use” the mind to “think” about someone or something it is a speculation where only a small part/bandwidth is processed. Its like the nature of the mind/ego – Ego can not process/comprehend life and thus it separates into small parts/pieces that it can process and feed of.

The realisation that all human beings including myself constantly speculate about everything including each other left me quite nauseated for a while and brought up a rather scary, disgusting scenery: I see lots of human Gollum’s – GollHUMS – that sit and slurp around a gray empty landscape each chewing on some bone or piece of meat that is somehow connected/linked to and has been ribbed out of another of this cre(ep)tures. Lol, creepy gollhums

On Wall-Street the beings speculate about a piece of the cake which is the physical and from the perspective and realisation that speculation is only to push/further the own Ego I see a bunch of beings chasing after the ultimate flash as “winning” in a casino yet “losing” is also equated as necessary opposite that keeps the show going. And it is really a show that we have accepted and allowed as the current system of how what is here is distributed and managed. Managed and controlled by the elite and conducted by polarity-puppets where there should be living beings that care for, do and life what is best for all instead of moving according money as profit-speculation.

Speculation is mind-fucked participation. It is everywhere. Everywhere I separate something from the whole and create ideas/concepts and connect his with feelings and emotions instead actively being a part of what ever it is – in last consequence in/as the realisation of Life in Equality and Oneness – Everything else is speculation.

So in a Equality System or in a Life Equal and One there can be no Speculation as everything is always here Equal and One as participation. Speculation can only exist when Secrets exist hidden stuff desires/fear that one is not aware of and/or does not admit and communicate. A Equal Money System will enable the humans to open up, creep out of the secret mind camber through re-education as the fear and fight for survival will be eliminated and the connected stress alleviated. All Information and Knowledge will be available to all and so we will soon realize that “All that can be known is already known/here” and the Ego-game of knowledge-speck-ulation will come to an end. Fuck, I – for the second time now - want quote something but I don’t know the exact words but I guess/think it was Jesus that said that “Noting will be hidden, everything will come up and be seen” or something along those lines.

The whole point of speculation is really an existential thing. As I came home from work I started to watch a documentation about Crop-circles and there came up a few cool points firstly about the crop-circles seen from the perspective of Oneness and Equality but also how Speculation is the/a foundation for religion. Its called “Die neue Feldordnung” (New field order) as a innuendo to NOW. It starts of and ends more or less “objective” from the system-perspective as not giving a definitive explanation for the Phenomena and 2 years ago I would have been left wondering why/how? Wow!

The interesting part started with the points that they have like identified the cause from a force-perspective as circular force with a similar effect on the crop as/like microwaves would have, also they found/find small particles whose form suggest that they have been molten and went solid again as well dispersed in a linear gradient from the centre of the circle to the outline and that there is no know way/method how this is possible – WE don’t know how its done.

The next points are the patterns that are created and how we find the same in the crop-circles as in nature for example in shells, peacock, vegetables, snowflakes…whatever. That’s all like “ok, that is what we see and find existent here and we try to find/see the connections /relationships”

The next being and talks about the patterns that apparently influence the human sub consciousness and that he thinks “these patterns have a message for us” and they (the crop-circles “help us to make a step in evolution – the next necessary step” and they “help us to find our true purpose” and basically believes that this circles have the answer to the biggy for most humans “The meaning of Life”. So here we can already ask what? A pattern shall help us? How? Why do we need a/these patterns to tell us how we are/have to be?

What is prominent is that he/we tend to believe in some higher force that we adduct/consult when we as humans can not explain something – which has to be immediately questioned from the start in self-honesty: Can we really explain anything? I nearly typed CON we…and yes at the moment we rather/often only CON explain something - Then we find stuff like: The aliens were it! It has to do with the UFO-Phenomena. Some mighty nature-force…always some almighty superior godlike being/force that has DONE/CREATED IT.

But the cool stuff is still to come with the next being that explains they observe that “We experienced over the last years that, that which people think about appear as pattern in the field – Once we for example talked about the form of the Maltese Cross and the next day it emerged in a field. Then we were discussing if this may have something to do with the earth’s magnetic field and in this night it appeared directly behind our bed-and-breakfast a formation with a north and a south pole”. So obviously this is no prove for anything…for example that the beings have manifested the pattern through their thoughts, and that is not the point I am trying to make. I have seen a Portal-interview on the point of the crop-circles that I would want to insert here (searched but couldn’t find it) that came to my mind where the basic explanation was “All of existence as nature, human beings etc. manifest this together” and this quite obvious and simple seen from the perspective of Equality and Oneness. So also the human being humanity as a whole as signified in the “what people think: appears”

We may not know the specifics but lets see if this could not be an empowering and awesome perspective: WE create the crop-circles!

We are here; we are one with and equal to the planet actually there is no separation between you and the surrounding environment, the air, the molecules. Equally the crop and the manifestation of the crop-circles is here one with and equal to this physical existence, the planet. Whatever causes this imprinting of geometrical structures on the physical existence as some not fully understood force must be one with and equal to what is here as physical existance. Common-sense according to the physical laws this reality exists as that no physical object/thing can be moved through a force in separation. So – as nothing in this reality is really separate, it is just impossible, even in the understanding of current science.

The point that we do not get and seem to miss the whole time is that “We create what is here” and then we start to ask the questions what “Do they want to tell us – What is the message” instead of rather taking the points back to self and look what we want to see and realize our reflected desires/hopes/wishes – for example a alien-head or ANSWER from a “different race” with different DNA that was depicted in some of the circles – and realize that no alien is coming to take responsibility for what is here – what we have accepted and allowed to create through accumulation throughout the ages.

AND this is no blame-point as I only start to realize for myself what this really implies or means also about the human potential and the potential of what is here. It seems like the point/guess that ANU made/had as he was inquiring existence: “Maybe we are Creators that have forgotten that we are creators” and also “How” we did/do this is not clear.

 A power/source separate from us is defiantly a kind of god and in common sense does not solve anything – it creates more problems – because we still “have to” explain “how” is this possible? Obviously we are missing something! Lol.

The hallway of "Alice in Wonderland" - guess who is the alien that went down the rabbit-hole


Yeah, what has this now to do with speculation and religion? What the beings do is they separate the manifestation of the crop-circle as such from the rest or existence they create a speck and through observing it through the mind judging, defining it becomes a spec-trum of possible explanations so that ego/the mind can process it or in which the ego/mind tries to comprehend “it” however the simple point is:

“IT” is not separate from all of EXISTANCE and thus all of existence has manifested it together

What is in separation of the point/manifestation is our interpretation. Now we have created a spectrum of interpretation that we do not comprehend and thus it must be something supernatural/superior what we can see when the “crop-circles must help us” lol or “what is their important message for us”. So we just invent/create another God. Lol, it seems like everything we do not understand we speculate about and create a god or a devil out to blame for what we do not take responsibility for: A religion is born

Science is speculation
Society is speculation
Politic is speculation
Education is speculation
Money is speculation

Basically every point can be a point of speculation to create a ego-god and self-religion to feed this self-creation of separation when it is not taking all of life in to consideration as equl parts of the equation and then align the point to what is best for life. Then it is not speculation but the outflow: best for all.

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