Thursday, March 8, 2012


Masturbation. A „hot“ topic…nearly everyone does it or at least has done it. And that which have never done it, also have now the chance to hear and be given perspective of what they are not doing. Basically it is irrelevant if you do it or not, because we –both groups- have a lot of definitions and judgements about masturbation and also sex, but do we really know what is going on when we participate in masturbation? We know that it “feels good” but why and what is that feeling?
When I was younger there was this saying: Masturbation makes you blind or you get a crippled back. Is this true??
What happens when we indulge in porn and masturbate? How does masturbation influence our relationships with other beings? Does Masturbation cause a possession?
Has masturbation something to do with consumerism?

The video-Interview “Shocking Secrets of Masturbation“ is the introduction of a series of   video-Interviews giving perspective on what exactly happens in the mind-consciousness-system of a being while masturbation and the “how come”, the development of masturbation from an individual and broader perspective. The videos are now available on Eqafe and a fascinating opportunity to see and understand in detail what is really going on when we “jerk off” or “give ourselves the kick”.

So check it out and educate yourself! Best to know what you’re doing.

I have heard the first one of the videos-interviews and was baffled as I saw today how a flirting-site is using exactly the presentations and mechanisms shared in this video. So I am already excited to hear the further perspective.

Video-Interviews on Eqafe    

Shocking Secrets of Masturbation 2 - The Masturbation God
Shocking Secrets of Masturbation 3 - Personifying Masturbation

Shocking Secrets of Masturbation 4 - Separation of Expression in Sex and Relationships

Shocking Secrets of Masturbation 5 - Creating the Internal Masturbation Reality

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