Tuesday, January 24, 2012

War and Pride 1

Memory (within the context of walking the DIP)

I am like very small under 5 years and my grandfather was still alive. He was a big guy very strong and tall. He made a wagon for me with whom he could care/pull me around because he was ashamed of using a baby buggy: That’s only for the skirt, only the skirt uses such things – I will never use such a thing. So I like to sit on his arm and I am very proud and exited, standing tall in the front of the wagon as he pulls me around in the 2 streets of the village. He enjoys this also and he speaks with in an encouraging and manly manner. He is proud that he has a grandson and that his son has at least done/made something good/to be proud of. Other beings great and speak to us and as we come back my grandma waits and smiles.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself how this was the installation of male pride within and as me:
Experiencing the mind-system of my grandfather as myself as the manifestation of pride for and as me = self-pride and then connecting this with the attention I as the mind got from the neighbors for the presentation of myself as this – feeding the pride-manifestation within and as myself as the mind of my grandfather as myself with energy and so INPRINTING the energetic-pattern and in this imprinting my grandfather as me – as a war-veteran

1 step: activating the mind as pride in grandfather = all memories of pride/victory/superiority
2 step: mind within and as me resonating as the same = creating geometrical structures in myself as water as physical body as sound
3 step: Energy-creation in and as the mind as this specific energetic pattering = entity manifestation
4 step: Imprinting trough extensive amount of energy activating and flowing through me as the energetic entity (Personality) – generated and transferred from the “neighbors” = as other beings around me – giving me a-tension = literally creating a electrical tension in and for the mind-system manifestation as Pride within myself – setting me under a power current
5 Step: Voila… Energetic mind pattering encarved into the physical into the water as a war-veteran-mind-system

Wow, fucked up I can’t believe it and doubt my memory – have I just made this experience up in my mind?

When we come to the house my grandmother awaits us = validation that for the fighting there awaits the “save heaven” and also the reward of the female/love at home = that what I have been fighting for to protect my family my property, my loved ones, my country 
Its very interesting because I have pictures flashing up of coming home from wars specifically WW and crusades and this Points of Hitler and his determination and direction also coming up over the last days – lol fuck also in relation to females because in the chat the have mentioned and brought up the point the lots of the females would/have admire(d) “Hitler/Mykey”- coming home wounded being treated as a hero having a medal the beings on the streets applauding and greeting with the Hitler-gruß 

Its also interesting in relation to the crusades I would have a memory/picture come up a few weeks ago of being killed and beheaded by a cavalier and in self-forgiveness I could see that I have – wherever this picture comes from, meaning it does not matter if its “a memory” or “a implanted picture – media” it exists within my mind – created and connect a fear and hatred and I indentified this a reason/point why I on some level hate Christians and in this myself (because I am formally a Christian) and have been influenced by this brainwashing
But I when is see functioning of the mind and how it works its like my grandfather has been impulsed and brainwashed by Hitler to “protect my family my property, my loved ones, my country” and go fighting - and Hitlers starting-point was also not self-honest so it was fear – and I have imprinted the whole bloody story of my grandfather – and I mean the point of pride and pride for fighting (for the limitations of the country or other frontlines) was/is specifically impulsed and propagated in wars

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