Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So, it is time for me to start over again. Start and walk the basic writing and sharing of my day-to-day real-live participation and the most prominent points because i actually ended up doing what i said i do not want to do in the beginning of sharing myself on the forums and walking this process: portraying stories about my f*cking personality - So here i missed the point that this process is about exposing the stories that i paticipate in
I sayed i am here to stop the mind and manifest heaven on earth and already this starting-point was of separation and thus i missed that it is myself as mind that i want to stop and myself that i have to bring and manifest here

Actually from this starting-point of separation it was a preprogrammed outflow to manifest ego and superiority separation, so self-judgement will also not help or be of any use for anyone. I faced quite some resitances and also shame and guilt, like in a situation where you keep on lying because you have already woven yourself into such a net of lies and can´t get out anymore but actually it is simply to stop and start again with myself as the starting-point of stopping.

To support myself in this process of self-realisation i start again with sharing myself here on the Blog and the Forums. It is time for me to come down from superiority and delusion and lern to walk in humbleness.

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