Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hollywood in an Equal Money System?

Hollywood - the dreamfactory. A dreamfactory is creating dreams, dreams to keep us asleep, to give us at least "something". If we are not able to live what WE are dreaming of at least want to see others living  aparently magnificent lives and great storys. "I want to be a Star" and in the mind we are experiancing and living with the movie, getting all emotionally involved and caught up in the movie, based on a more or less distinct identification with one or more of the roles or characters. In fact this is form of psychosis, where the contact to the external reality is lost and one is existing in the movie within ones own head - the accepted human condition at the nothing out of the norm, lol - and as you just go with the flow, you dream the dream that is promoted by Hollywood, so its not even your own dream that keeps you asleep.

The point here is that no one of the "Stars" that make up the "Walk of fame" have been born as these apparenty superior beings, they have been created by money. When you look at Hollywood - what is it: Its a city where the filmindustry has settled and therefore a lot of movies have been produced, the rest is a mindfuck. It´s quite funny and scary at the same time to see these human beings marvel at these Stars on the ground, kneeling down just to touch "their Star" - It´s fucked up - Its empty, there is no one, its just metal and stone shaped into a certain form and thats what will happen to Hollywood too. The whole "fame-game" will stop becaue with the money motive and the support thereof in and from the moneysystem as  a whole the personality-cult around so-called "stars" will cease to exist - At the moment we "love" the Stars because we do not love yourselfs. Equal Money will change this as people will be equally valued and value each other equally as life, so that real appreciation and honor for another as self and the individual self expression can exist.

In an Equal Money System Hollywood will be equalized to its functionallity as a practical place to make movies as the whole infrastructure and possiblities are already available. So, don´t be worried there will be plenty of cool movies - However the content will propably change from "bling, bling" and "bang, bang"
to show and support life-expression in multiple ways and various forms as the narrow confines in terms of buget and "who can be a actor/actress" will not exist.
Hollywood can transform from a dreamfactory to a birthplace and transmitter of living self expression, waking up all that is still sleeping. For more on the current situation read the Equal Money Book


Also the "stars" the only source of light in the dark night that this existence has become for so many are fueled by money so that they can shine - Give Money equally to all so the existence can "lighten up" for all and we can see each other, otherwise we will continue to walk in the dark falling, stumbling and walking over each other following the light of stars that we can never reach.

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