Saturday, November 19, 2011

Will David Icke still be able to manufacture Conspiracies?

Thats a really good question, as that is how one goes about Conspiracies: One manufactures them, they are man made. In his interviews Icke often talks about his intial experiances and how then suddenly lots of this coincidences happend and a period of time where he was "flooded" with knowlegde - that he keeps now repeating for the last decades. An interessting point, as i find the same within myself as a apparently "absolute certain knowing" that ALL others are fucked, only me seeing the truth thats going on - no, was just projected blame = abdication of self responsibility. And also a good question for the Icke-fans or ufo or conspiracy-theorists to ask would be:
We have a conspiracy of "whom ever" that controls an and manages all to the smalest detail "perfect" to match and fit "their agenda" or "their plan" to stay i control, so why would they allow someone that speaks out against them like Icke or other Conspiracy-theorists if it was of any relevance for "them", if it was posing a threat?
So, either we have no conspiracy with any real power, Icke is some kind of saviour-super-hero like Neo or Jesus, or he - or any conspiracy theorist...ahh terrorist as that is what they are, they are terrorizing common sense within humans and humanity - is part of the conspiracy that´s going on here.

The real CON-spiracy is the human CON-sciousness as being a apparently higher form or being, separate from the rest of existence. Basically all of us participate in this conspiray that the human being accept and allow as themsleves. We conspire against life, nature, the animals, the whole earth as we want to assert our apparenly god-given right to "dominate the beast of and as earth" through our apprently superior ability of thinking and knowlege - finally we only fucked ourselfs, into the realms of spiritualiy, conspiracy and "higher knowledge" completly disregarding the physical reality that is actually suffering wether in the forms of animals, plants, humans whatever is here. Who are the real "aliens" here on planet earth?
Con-spria-cy = Con-spiral-city: We spiral our cons in and as our consciousness and in this manifest the con as our selfes

Obviously we have to realize that and how we are all taking part in this Conspiray agaist Life and we do this in by applying Self honesty to see and face ourselves, Self forgiveness to forgive and stop ourselfes and self corrective application to practically change and not accept the same again - So basically bringing oneself back here from the spiraling con of our minds to and as the physical reality. In an Equal Money System and even before that in the beginning stages the tools of selfforgiveness, selfhonesty and selfcorrection will be part of the reeducation-process that the human will face to understand and realize the principles of "Equality and Oneness" and "What is Best for all life"

If one looks at the principles one can see that a conspiracy is not part of that, as a conspiracy is not Best for ALL LIFE but only for those that run it or profit from it - for example Mister Icke - and Equality and Oneness would imply that if you "see" or "know of" a Conspiracy against something, which is separation, and do nothing to change or stop it but only blame you are part of the the conspiracy through abdicating  your resposeability as a equal living being.

In a system where all life is supported equally how will there be a conspiracy - Look at it, with money being removed the whole motive is removed. Neither will there be a greedy elite that wants to and can rule the world through money and our participation nor will there be a conspiracy-theorist that makes a living by selling manufactured conspiracys. Equal Money will expose and end all conspiracy!

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