Sunday, August 21, 2011

Writing 21082011

Today I was on an moutain, about 20 miles from where i live and that was pretty awesome! It is a cool opportuinity to "practice" Presence as every time i go into my mind -or allow thoughts of "uh this is hard, fuck this is hot etc" it - because if i allow that it WILL get "hard" to move. It was very hot today, over 30C and i pretty much enjoyed that - I drank 4 (or more) liters of water - looking at a waterbottle that I refilled i had great "idea" for a 21day-committment. The Bottle was originaly filled with some of this flavoured water with "cocus-limone-favour" and i read the slogan on the bottle:"You never have EXPERIANCED water like this" and thought that really all this drinks and sodas etc. are only water with SHIT added to make it apperantly special etc - clearly for profit - so the EXPERIANCE "only" water - as basicly the essence and/or main ingredient of most "living beings" of Earth - will be quiet cool! The point that came up for me to not do it right now is/was the COFFE that i please dont want to let go of right now -not just today-lol

Things to do tomorrow:
DIP-Assignmet start it!
Create two other blogs!
finish writing of yesterday!
To do:
Demons in Germany!

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