Monday, August 22, 2011

Writing 22082011

Ok, my day started with an reation to an expression of a being in my world. The radio was reporting about the "riots" in Berlin, whit the burning cars and stuff. The being said "If it was my car then i would, beat them fuckers up" and i was very upset by the statement and tryed to apply the common-sense of that that violence will create vilolence and this will not stop...and eventually end up in civil war if every being would apply themselves in this way. I even brought up the "Eye for Eye - tooth for tooth" that he expressed from my perspective and the being held on to defend his apparent "right of possesion" etc...blahblah ... I had then quite some thoughts and also backchat running like "Oh shit, how will the world look if all this demonic stuff comes out - when the severity of the situation of the world compounds etc." also in relation to this being "He is lost / full of anger" and then slowly realizing that the point were never the burning cars or the guys that lit them but the anger within the being simply needed an trigger-point to flow out ... and i needed a trigger-point to apparently defend others/myself against anger.
 Also see that i still sympathize with the "demonstraters", also i reacted to the point of "beliving in possesion and defening it" - exactly what i have done and "fear"doing again -

SO, my mind is tricky and it happens really fast, that if a point - for example Anger - is presented a little bit "different" i will tap in the trap and react...I mean i really felt as if i am right and have to intervene...jet i only reacted to anger and pushed my own ego - Also still here: Identification whit "Outlaws/Terrorists/Misfits" and a certain satisfaction with burning cars and buildings, like "finally something is happening/the people standing up" Nope, just SYSTEMS going WILD/CRAZY    

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