Friday, September 16, 2011

Fear of sharing self-forgiveness

Often i would want to share self-forgiveness as a tool with other beings for example with friends and family
but restrain myself from it and only say: "You/one can forgive oneself" yet i know this is not sufficient - then i feel like leaving them out half-way Why do i not share unconditionally:
Possible points
- Feeling not stable and clear enough to do so
- Fear/thoughts that the other being is not interessted/will not apply
- using it as a point of superiority as: I do SF- i am better, they will not understand
                                                        They are christians, they will not understand, be interrested
- Fear of being dishonest with myself for pushing this point - which is a self-realisation-point - onto others
- No proper "material" for self-application like the destini faq in german that i could simply give to other to study  an test for themselves -> i mean this is a point of simply translating it...
- underlying anger/frust/hatred of not wanting to forgive myself as them/others and therfore not sharing    self-forgiveness and related nastyness

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