Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Writing 13092011

Yesterday i applied Venos Selfforgiveness on the Forhead-point and this was very helpfull to dissipate the energy in the forehead but also to get more insight in the cause as my behaviours - when i jugde myself for my position in the system judging myself as my mind for my achievements or work. Wanting to be recognized and approved. Comparing and judging myself in relation to money, "access to sex". A interesting point was that other beings said to me "you are good at explaining things - a good teacher - do you want to be a teacher sometime"
- In my brake this came up again and i firstly was not sure if the beings were honestly sharing what they thing or why they say this, but this is also irrelevant from the perspective of: I can see, how i can and do care and take the being in consideration that i "teach" something and that if i allow myself to accept this situation as me i do ok an have fun with it. The interessting thing is how it is really a quite different application and mesure that i put up for myself.
So why am i not effective in "teaching" myself - In diciple(in)-ing myself - or mybe i am - but i am not patient but rather hard!and therefore i do not hear myself
I am not supporting myself in appying and estabishing what i have changed, but i am still fixiated on the "failures" of myself and then judgeing myself instead of embracing them as me as working on them as myself.
Discepline myself to do/live the words i speak.

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